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Your home is thoroughly protected where we will be working and then demo begins. You will be having conversations and progress updates from your project manager nearly every day. Together, you will be going over progress and upcoming schedule of events. It is very important to have good open communication between the homeowner and your project manager, who is integral in conveying design details and plans to the installation team. When construction is complete, you will do a final walk through with your project manager before sign off on completion of project.

Our process

  • Design retainer:                             

  • Construction phase:

  • Unique Design process:

We will begin designing your project, utilizing our state-of-the-art 3D design software. We will incorporate the ideas that were discussed during the design consultation as well as come up with several design options and suggestions using the latest design trends.

At this point, a design retainer is signed and a deposit is put towards whatever the final contract cost ends up being after material selections are done. This is simply a commitment to do business together. Beautiful and functional design consulting is intellectual property of our experienced designers and takes a good amount of time and work to create your beautiful, unique space.

  • In-Home Design consultation:

You will meet with your dedicated designer/project manager who you will develop an excellent relationship with as you will be working together throughout the entire process. From conceptual design through to finished installation. We will discuss your project and discuss what you like and dislike about your current space. We also discuss things like project wish lists, general design style you're looking for, scope of work, and budget in order to gain a good understanding of what you wish to achieve. We will take all necessary measurements and photos, as well as give you our design suggestions. Within a few days, we will put together a very realistic cost estimate based on our discussions and using allowances for materials. We will schedule a meeting with you to review project and estimate details.

  • Final approval of Contract/drawings:

  • Material selection:

Since we are dealers of products for every aspect of your project, we simplify the whole process for you and bring all of the samples to you. you will work with one of our experienced designers and have fun looking at samples and selecting cabinetry, flooring, countertop options, fixtures, tiles and accent tiles, lighting and hardware. We can control all of the elements of the design and make sure they all work together harmoniously to create a beautiful unique space with some of your own personal touch .

At this time, we have the final cost estimate with price guarantee for your project now that all real material costs have been accounted for after the material selection process. The contract and design drawings and specs are given final approval and signed. you are given copies of all documents. Then you are given a start date for your project and have the discussion what to do in preparation for work commencement.