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AS CONTRACTORS, you find yourself either telling the client to buy all of the materials and have it at the job site when you're ready for it or you find yourself spending hours of your own time helping your client select materials for their project. Sometimes we don't all have the eye for great design, experience, and knowledge of all the latest trends in the industry which generally leads our clients to "safe choices" as far as material selections for their remodels. These can tend to be very plain and generic looking kitchens and bathrooms when designed this way. Most clients usually expect a very hands-on, personalized design assistance and very appealing designs like what they see in magazines and TV shows. This is where Kitchen and Bath Concepts comes in and offers a very customer/contractor-friendly service which makes life exponentially easier for both the contractor and their client. KBC will offer all of the materials that your client will need for their project all in one place, at competitive pricing, and a FREE professional design consultation just for buying the materials they would be buying anyways on their own. This assuring that each project will have a beautiful, unique, and   personalized design meeting their expectations and also that all of the materials will work harmoniously together. 

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